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The Importance of Professional Home Care

July 19, 2023

Elderly individuals often need specialized care and personalized attention to maintain their quality of life. As a person ages, one’s physical strength is not what it used to be. Cognitive functioning may also change as a person enters their final years. Some of the more common ailments that affect older people are heart issues, arthritis,…

The Role of Caregivers for Mesothelioma Patients

October 17, 2022

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer, one that leads to around 3,000 American deaths each year. It’s also a fast-moving cancer, one that quickly spreads to vital organs and can claim the patients’ lives just months after diagnosis. Lastly, it’s a cancer that affects elderly Americans most of all. The average age of diagnosis for mesothelioma…

Simple Ways to Boost Your Health as a Senior

October 4, 2022

Maintaining your quality of life is a primary focus when you reach your golden years. As we age, our bodies and minds change, and we must be vigilant in our everyday routines to keep our physical and mental health in check. Fortunately, some simple methods and habits can improve your overall health and wellbeing, ultimately…

Is Home Care the Right Choice for Your Aging Loved One?

March 25, 2021

In-home care is receiving quite the attention recently as more and more seniors are preferring to age-in-place instead of moving to nursing homes or other retirement facilities for the elderly. For many families, home care also presents itself as a convenient option as it provides them and their aging loved ones the opportunity to continue…

The Impact of COVID-19 on Senior Care

January 22, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the U.S. and the world in countless ways. Among the biggest concerns though has been its effect on seniors. While our understanding of the virus has evolved over time (and continues to evolve even now), one thing that became clear very early on is that the senior population is particularly vulnerable. This…

How Fairfield Family Care Can Help You Find the Right Caregiver

September 25, 2018

The right caregiver for you or your loved one is out there, but finding them can be overwhelming. Fairfield Family Care, a home care agency is ready to help you find the right match. Caregivers in Stamford, CT are available for your specific needs, and we work hard to find the perfect one for you and your…

The Transition to Hire In-Home Care

August 24, 2018

When it’s time to find an elderly companion in CT, Fairfield Family Care is an excellent option. Whether it be an individual to help your loved one run errands or if you need 24 hour in-home care. No matter what type of services you need for home care near Stamford, we have caregivers with the skills you are…

How to Find the Right Caregiver Support for Mom & Dad

August 24, 2018

If you are looking for the right caregiver support for mom and dad, it’s time to consider your options. Senior home caregivers can be found in a variety of ways. You can advertise for home care near Fairfield county and interview people on your own. There are also individuals who will advertise their home care…

When the Weather Gets Hot: How to Provide Comfort and Care to the Elderly

July 18, 2018

The hot, humid days of summer can be particularly harmful to individuals receiving elderly care services. Whether you are a care companion, a senior, or the child of a senior providing care, it’s important to pay attention to the hot weather. Breathing problems, heat related exhaustion, and dehydration can impact a senior more readily in…

Spring Cleaning: Let Our Stamford Caregivers Help

May 9, 2018

Nothing makes your home feel like it’s finally spring than a good spring cleaning. With the windows open and the birds chirping, it’s time to get your home ready for the beautiful weather instead. When you receive in-home care in Stamford, Darien, or Greenwich, CT, you can get help with the spring cleaning you have…

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