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Beginner’s Guide to Homecare: Our Tips for You

Connecticut In-Home Care

As you consider a home care agency, there are a number of things to look for when it comes to senior in-home care. If you are nervous about allowing a care provider into your home, you certainly aren’t alone. Whether you are looking at elderly care agencies for yourself or for a loved one, you want to know that the care provided is professional and empathetic and will promote independence. As you look for care in Stamford, CT, and the surrounding areas, here are a few tips to consider.

Find an Experienced, Local Agency

At Fairfield Family Care, we care for people throughout Greenwich, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. We are very familiar with the area, making it easy to take you or a loved one out for activities or appointments. We are proud of our reputation, and we make sure that each person we serve has the support they need to remain at home. When you meet with Fairfield Family Care, you can expect that your needs will be listened to and an individualized care plan will be developed.

Hiring a Private Individual to Provide Home Care

You have the option of hiring an individual to provide home care for your loved one. This has a number of drawbacks. You will have to run a background check on the individual, and the number of interviews you do to find the right person can be extensive and pay for the costly advertising. It’s hard to hire a private person to provide care in the home, and it is often too much work for a person who needs care right away. If your private caregiver calls out, comes down with the flu, needs time off, or takes a vacation, you may not have backup and need to cancel your plans or work to care for your parents yourself. With a licensed, registered agency like Fairfield Family Care, we keep 35 to 40 caregivers on call at any given time to fill in quickly. If you don’t think that your private caregiver is working out, it may be difficult to let them go and then you will also be subject to unemployment. A few things to think about.

The Benefits of Working With an Agency

If you have been trying to find a caregiver and have been unsuccessful, there are many benefits to working with an agency to find your loved one senior in-home care. When you work with Fairfield Family Care, you will find:

  • Care providers are prescreened. Workers are screened with a background check, references have been called, and the individual is ready to come to work with your loved one.
  • Experienced care is available. Caregivers with relevant experience will be matched with your loved one so that they receive the best care possible.
  • There won’t be huge breaks in your loved one’s care. When a private caregiver is sick, your loved one may be left without a caregiver for several days. When you work with an agency, backup caregivers are available in an emergency.
  • You don’t have to solve care problems on your own. When you work with an agency, you have the ability to address any care concerns with a supervisor within the agency. If there are significant problems with care, the individual will be removed and replaced. When the person is privately hired, you’ll have to start all over again to find a replacement.
  • You can change care levels quickly. When your loved one needs a higher level of care, an agency will be able to provide a caregiver who has the experience necessary to meet their growing needs.
  • There’s no need to worry about paperwork. An agency handles payroll, taxes, and insurance for the caregiver in your home. If they get hurt on the job, they are covered by workers’ compensation through the agency. Both the caregiver and your loved one are better protected when an agency is involved.

Hiring a caregiver for the home can feel overwhelming. If your loved one needs care immediately, you may not have the time to carefully screen candidates. When you work with Fairfield Family Care, we will sit down with you and take the stress out of finding a care provider for your loved one. We listen to your concerns and we work hard to meet the needs of your loved one at home. We know how important it is to provide quality in-home care, and we work hard to find you the perfect caregiver for your loved one.

To learn more about senior in-home care in Stamford, Greenwich, and the surrounding areas, it’s time to contact Fairfield Family Care by calling 203-295-3477 or visiting We will identify your loved one’s needs and match your loved one with a caregiver who is ready to provide empathetic, professional care.