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Wow!! The Amedisys nurse who has been watching Jeanne and tracking her care (and who alerted me to the inadequate care by “Hoodie,) just stopped in unannounced today.
She said she was totally impressed with Natalia!!

When Monretha walked in, Jeanne was dressed, groomed, her hair was neatly combed, and was eating food prepared by Natalia.

I can’t tell you how relieved the family is thanks to you and your friends at FFC.
I’m immensely grateful. ”


"We are using Fairfield Family Care for my mother. The services are making sure she eats, and the caregiver is very good at keeping her playing games, and keeping her occupied. She keeps her amused for a few hours a week. We love her. Communication is going well, they've been responsive, and I'm satisfied with the care."


“It is amazing how much easier this agency has made my life. They met with me at my home. Found out what type of assistance I needed. I told them I needed immediate care. With-in 24 hours they had a great caregiver at my home. It’s been 3 months now and I haven’t been happier with their spot on selection. The care giver has become like a daughter to me. Thank You.”

Rose P.

“Working with Fairfield Family Care helped me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. My husband had two, 12 hour capable, kind and responsible caregivers. As an unexpected bonus, the owner of the company shoveled our snow, delivered a wheelchair and fixed an old chair for us. He couldn’t have been more caring and interested in us. I can’t imagine what life would have been like without them.”

Theresa G.

“Fairfield Family Care has helped me recover from an awful fall. I had knee surgery and I don’t think I would have been able to survive without the help of Fairfield Family Care and their great caregivers. I had not realized how much I took my knees for granted when I had the surgery. Luckily Fairfield Family Care helped me on my road to recovery. I thank them very much.”

Alice O.

"They will go above and beyond for you and your family's needs. Been with them for over 2 years with two of my family members and would not go anywhere else."

Jennifer M.

"The realization that I needed help when I became injured hit me suddenly. I needed help in the physical, emotional, and social fields. I found Fairfield Family Care through the internet. A pre-qualifying meeting was arranged, and I met at my house with a very knowledgeable and professional manager. After this meeting I was assigned a very caring aide. I never felt imposed upon, yet this very competent woman knew what was needed. She was able to create a flow among the three fields that were so severely needed and had resulted in a very positive success. I highly recommend this organization of people who communicated, listened, cared, and knew what they were doing.”

Ena E.

“Highly recommend, this agency helped my elderly aunt for many years.”

Diane B.

“Would like to take the time to express my gratitude for your Aide Tony. I have taken the time to write because it is important to give praise where we see it. I have worked myself in healthcare for over 40 years. We complain all too often but, less leading with or taking time to give Praise! Please let your employee know how much he was appreciated for doing a job well done. He went above and beyond in terms of care, compassion and communication. I would feel confident that he will do well in the next placement and would recommend him highly to your clients.”

Marlene T.

“When I started service with this company I did not think having a care giver help my mother would make such a difference in her life. She considers the caregiver like one of her own and the caregiver makes sure that all her needs are taken care of. Before I started the service with this agency my mother would be depressed that I could not be around as much as I would like, due to work, But now when I come by my mother lights up like she use to.”

Kevin W.

“I always found it difficult leaving my elderly father at home alone during the night. I contacted Fairfield Family Care and ever since life has been a relief for me and a relief for my father. Now I could go ahead and handle my endeavors in my life and know my father is well taken care of. It’s amazing how much of an understanding my father and his caregiver have. I am so pleased with the level of service Fairfield Family Care has provided me.”

Robert B.

“I was recommended to Fairfield Family Care by the local hospital when my mother was admitted for a stroke. After she was released I had a caregiver come in from Fairfield Family Care and all her needs where tended to. I could go off to work and bring my kids to and from school without worrying about my mother. The care giver was delightful. Every time the caregiver comes back to our home she brings my mother’s favorite cookies. Just that little touch makes me love this agency even more. I would like to thank Fairfield Family Care and their staff for selecting such a wonderful caregiver that fit us so perfectly.”

Kathy T.

“Fairfield Family Care provided me with a lovely young woman who feels like the loving granddaughter I need so badly to help me enjoy my life. Lucky me!”

Roz G.

“The gentleman that Fairfield Family Care matched my father up with is very polite and considerate. I finally have peace of mind, now I know my father is well taken care of while I’m away. They took the time to really get to know my dad’s needs and I could never be happier.”

Larry F.

"I have referred a few of my friends' parents to Fairfield Family Care and they have had rave reviews about the quality of care received. Bravo."

Charles L.

"Your company and specifically Laura have been wonderful, and have provided excellent loving care. We would recommend you in a heartbeat. On behalf of my entire family, we sincerely thank you for your compassion and wonderful care."

Frank & Peter M.

"Just wanted to reach out to extend our sincere thanks to the entire team at Fairfield Family Care. My mom used your service for approximately the last year and a half. Everyone provided compassionate support, expert services and lots of flexibility (including last minute requests for additional coverage when needed). Unfortunately, she passed away last week.

I’d like to specifically call out her health aide, Nichole. She was truly amazing and made such a difference for my mom. She helped keep my mom active, became a true friend (my mom considered her to be her daughter!) and has excellent skills (including quickly recognizing slight changes in my mom’s condition that were indicative of larger issues). She made my mom’s last year the best that it could be and gave us peace of mind as well. We would not have gotten through this year without her.

Our sincere thanks from my family."


“We started with you years ago with Worl Marsh. Couldn't ask for a more superior aide and caretaker. No one can beat her patient interactions. Think of her all the time. Would like to know if she is still with you as well as Jennifer? Loved FFC. Please let Worl know the Cimminello's, Elizabeth Ciccarelli and Angel the cat were looking to say Hello. Thank you so much.”


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