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Stay Safe at Home by Using Technology for Protection

April 10, 2017

Technology can make a big difference in the lives of seniors who want to stay safe in their own home. Home care agencies encourage families to consider a number of tools that can help keep a loved one safe while they are home alone. Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, Connecticut offers free needs assessments for…

Parkinson’s Family Care CT

February 23, 2017

At Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, CT, we understand that finding caregivers with Parkinson’s experience can make a big difference to you and your loved one. When you need an elderly companion for a parent or other senior in your life, knowing that the individual has experience providing Parkinson’s at home care is comforting. If…

In-Home Dementia Care

January 18, 2017

Caring for a loved one who has dementia is physically and emotionally demanding, especially if you have young children, work obligations and/or your own health problems to tend to. While some individuals are able to provide at home dementia care during the early stages of this condition, in many cases it is wise to obtain…

Caregivers in Connecticut

December 27, 2016

If a loved one has mentioned in-home care to you as a possibility, you probably have mixed feelings about it. In fact, all too often we hear people who believe that homecare is a negative part of aging. But Fairfield Family Care begs to differ. If you change your paradigm, it’s easy to see how…

Convincing Mom to Try In-home Senior Assisted Living

October 27, 2016

Why Try In-Home Senior Assisted Living As your mother ages, it may fall on your shoulders to help with cleaning, medications and doctor’s appointments. When you visit her Connecticut home, you find yourself working instead of enjoying her company. Even though you see the benefits that in-home senior assisted living can bring, your mom may…

Encouraging Your Parent to Make a Difference during Tackling Hunger Month

September 26, 2016

Home Care Wilton CT-October is Tackling Hunger Month. This is a fantastic opportunity to encourage your aging parent to get out into the community and make a difference by helping those who are vulnerable overcome hunger and live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Are You Overly Tired as a Family Caregiver?

September 19, 2016

Caregiver Norwalk CT-One of the hazards of being a family caregiver is that you can find yourself feeling exhausted or unable to sleep quite often. You might run into this problem for a variety of different reasons, but some of these strategies might be able to help you more than you might think.

Should Your Elderly Loved One Join a Wellness Program?

September 13, 2016

Home Health Care Westport CT-Wellness programs are a way for your elderly loved one to focus on fitness, exercise, and her overall health concerns. Some are managed by senior centers in the area while others might be managed by your elderly loved one’s health insurance provider.

How to Care for an Elder with Breathing Problems

September 7, 2016

Elder Care Darien CT-During the aging process, the body is not the only part of the elder that begins to move slower. The lungs may also begin to perform at a slower rate, causing breathing troubles to arise.

Why Gardening Is Good For Senior’s Health

August 30, 2016

Senior Care New Canaan CT-Now that the sun is out and the temperature is favorable, many seniors spend a great deal of time in their garden. Not only will this activity keep the senior’s yard looking beautiful, but can also be great for their health.

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