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Fun Activities for Seniors at Home

Fairfield Family Care provides elderly companions for Connecticut residents who are no longer completely independent. If you have a loved one who is isolated or inactive, it’s important to find enjoyable at-home activities. Review these fun activities in which seniors can participate without leaving their Connecticut homes.

Try a new craft together

Some seniors never had the time to sit down and do arts and crafts. The elderly companions at Fairfield Family Care understand that at first, there might not be any interest in making crafts, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. If you have a senior in your life who gets bored easily, a new craft might be the answer. You can try some basic watercolor painting, small ceramics, or even make some greeting cards using paint and sponge stamps. Spending time with you or with an elderly companion is the key because no matter what you are doing, your loved one should feel cared for.

Make an indoor herb garden

With the variety of lights and other materials available, it’s easy to grow an indoor garden today. If your loved one can no longer safely go outside alone to garden, you or an elderly companion from Fairfield Family Care can set up a much smaller garden indoors. Focus on a few basic herbs to get the garden started, and see if your loved one enjoys the activity.

Puzzles are always useful

Puzzles help keep the mind both calm and sharp. Pay attention to the difficulty of the puzzle to ensure that your loved one will have success at eventually completing the puzzle. If the puzzle is too difficult, the activity could get frustrating quickly. Sit down with your loved one and help put in a few pieces. Use this time to engage in a conversation, simply to give your loved one some attention.

Other activities for you or an elderly companion can include sewing projects, cooking a meal together, or practicing an instrument. If your loved one isn’t interested in one activity, you can quickly move on to another one until you find something that works. If you have time, you can sit down together and go through old photos, piecing together a scrapbook. No matter what activities you do with the senior in your life, what really matters is the quality time spent together. Your loved one will feel less isolated and you may be creating memories that will last forever.

If you have an elderly loved one who may benefit from these activities or an elderly companion, it’s time to call Fairfield Family Care at 203-295-3477 in Stamford, Connecticut.