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Should Your Elderly Loved One Join a Wellness Program?

Elderly Loved One In A Wellness Program

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Wellness programs are a way for your elderly loved one to focus on fitness, exercise, and her overall health concerns. Some are managed by senior centers in the area while others might be managed by your elderly loved one’s health insurance provider. Your loved one’s doctor may recommend a wellness program for your loved one, too. There are a variety of different benefits that your loved one could see right away.

They Offer Companionship
Your loved one may have plenty of one-on-one companionship between you and her elderly care providers, but that’s not the same as group companionship. In a wellness program environment, your loved one can mix and mingle with her peers. This can be a huge boost to morale and to mood. Your loved one might meet new friends or she may find that some of her existing friends already participate in specific wellness programs.

Wellness Programs Emphasize Fall Prevention
The people who run wellness programs know that falls are a huge concern for elderly loved ones. That’s why issues of balance and helping your loved one to know how to prevent falls at home are a big aspect of the program itself. Some wellness programs may even tailor their program to your loved one if falling is a concern for her.

Some Wellness Programs Offer Help with Chronic Illnesses
If your loved one has any chronic illnesses, some wellness programs offer subprograms that help your loved one to learn how to manage her illnesses. These could be short lessons about how to manage blood glucose, what exercise can do for high blood pressure, or other ways to manage her own health.

They Can Improve Your Loved One’s Overall Fitness
By offering your loved one a safe place to exercise, socialize, and learn about her own health, wellness programs offer your loved one a way to manage her overall fitness levels. She’ll find that she’s able to focus more effectively on her own health and what it takes to improve it. As her fitness improves, your loved one may also find that she’s able to do a lot more than she may have believed was possible for her.

Talk the situation over with your loved one and her doctor to see if the wellness program in question will truly meet her needs.

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