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Fall Prevention Services in Stamford CT

As people get older, they often prefer to stay at their home as long as they can do so without putting themselves in harm’s way. The key to keeping them safe is fall prevention; the solution that allows families to support elderly parents without compromising their health or safety. At Fairfield Family Care, we can come right to the home, complete a fall risk assessment, and help you devise a plan for fall prevention in CT. Our 24-hour live-in care provides the assistance your loved one needs to stay secure
and comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Our Live-In Companion Care Can Lower Fall Risk

There are many reasons that people fall when they get older. They could have conditions that weaken their joints, or they may take medications that affect their stability and control. Whatever the reason, an in-home health aide from Fairfield Family Care can meet an individual’s requirements using safe and time-proven care practices. We will pay special attention to tasks that are more likely to cause someone to fall. You can trust our caregivers in Stamford CT to help your loved one accomplish daily routines, such as:

  • Dressing

  • Attending to Visitors

  • Entering and Leaving the Home

Facts About Falls:

  • At least 25% of older Americans fall each year

  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury for people over age 65

  • More than half of falls in older adults happen in the home

  • People who fall once are more likely to injure themselves again

  • Falls make it harder for older adults to remain in their homes

Fall Risk Prevention Makes the Difference

If you are considering your care options for a loved one, calling Fairfield Family Care for an in-home assessment may be the best way to start. After we make the initial evaluation, we can identify ways that families could tailor their homes to greatly lower the risk of falling. With our experience, we can build a specialized care plan that will help prevent the risk of fall occurrences for your loved one. We are also happy to provide recommendations for improvements, including:

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home. For more information about our fall prevention services in Stamford CT or to request a free needs assessment, contact Fairfield Family Care today.

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