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Free Check-up Service

CHECK-UP™ is a daily, free "safety check" phone call to anyone.

This is truly FREE service!  You don't need a doctor’s referral or to be one our clients!

CHECK-UP™ also provides seniors much needed daily socialization and telephone reassurance so they know that they are "not alone." You may establish a pre-arranged dialogue, such as a reminder to take prescription medication, or you may wish to simply have a contact to the outside world.

Our staff will allow the phone to ring up to 15 times. If there is no answer, we will call back to try again in about 15 minutes. If there is still no answer on a third attempt, we will call your designated emergency contacts.

The service may be temporary (i.e. - if someone is recovering from surgery or an illness) or it may continue until you ask us to discontinue the service.

Fairfield Family Care’s Senior CHECK-UP™ service is your personal friend.

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