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Parkinson’s Family Care CT

At Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, CT, we understand that finding caregivers with Parkinson’s experience can make a big difference to you and your loved one. When you need an elderly companion for a parent or other senior in your life, knowing that the individual has experience providing Parkinson’s at home care is comforting.

If you are home taking care of an individual with Parkinson’s, you may find yourself constantly tired from a lack of sleep and over-exertion. Fairfield Family Care provides you with respite care for your loved one so that you can take the time you need for yourself to recharge. When you know that the care provider coming into your home has similar experience working with Parkinson’s patients, you will feel more comfortable leaving home for a few hours so that you can have a break.

When a loved one is struggling with Parkinson’s, they may start to have mobility issues. Parkinson’s disease can cause a lack of muscle control, twitching, and an overall feeling of unsteadiness. Taking care of an individual with Parkinson’s often requires understanding methods to assist the person physically, and to assure the patient repeatedly that you are there to help them remain steady on their feet.

As you work hard to provide care for your loved one with Parkinson’s disease, it’s important for the individual with Parkinson’s to remain as active as possible. It is necessary to be prepared, to take care of yourself, and to get the help that you need. At Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, Connecticut, the help you want is just a phone call away.

At the beginning of a Parkinson’s diagnosis, the majority of care that you give to your loved one is going to be emotional support to help them cope with the disease. As the disease progresses, you will need to provide hands-on care to help your loved one manage activities of daily living. Parkinson’s disease can progress slowly, and it could be years before you need to provide extensive physical care.

It’s important to know what your limits are when it comes to the physical care of a loved one. It is always best to have more help than you need, if that’s possible. While you may feel as though you can do everything on your own, you will need some time to yourself at times. Knowing that a caregiver with Parkinson’s experience is with your loved one while you are out on errands is a great feeling.

Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, Connecticut provides high-quality in-home care for individuals with Parkinson’s disease in Stamford and the surrounding area. To learn more about our Parkinson’s at-home care, visit our Website at or give our office a call today at 203-295-3477 to set up a free initial consultation.