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5 Tips for Managing Your Aging Parent’s Medication

Managing Your Aging Parent’s Medication

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Medication is usually a part of getting older. A variety of pills are typically prescribed to keep elders healthy and manage medical conditions. Many of these medications need to be taken at a certain time, so if your loved one forgets one pill, it could cause health complications. Since memory loss is common among the elderly, it will become increasingly difficult for them to remember when to take their medication. A home care provider can help by reminding the senior of when it is time for them to take their pills.

These 5 tips will also help make it easier to manage your loved one’s medication schedule to ensure they stay healthy.  

  1. Check the medications. With the various prescriptions your loved one has to take each day, it is important you understand what each pill will do for the elder’s health. Also, make sure to check the dates on all medications to ensure they are not expired. Knowing what dosage amount is needed will also help you or an elderly care provider give your loved one the right amount.
  1. Understand when it should be taken. Timing is everything on most medications, so understanding what time each one should be taken is imperative.
  1. Talk to the doctor. If you are not completely sure what time the medication should be taken, ask the doctor. He will be able to give you a brief consultation to ensure you understand what each prescription is used for and what time they should be administered. Keep in mind that the doctor will not be able to discuss your loved one’s medical history with you unless they have consent from the patient. If you plan on communicating with the elder’s doctor in the future, ask them to let the doctor know you have their permission to share this information with you.
  1. Organize the prescriptions. Once you have all of the information needed on their medications, it is time to organize them and create a schedule. Creating a schedule will guarantee that know pill is forgotten about. Plus, your loved one will be able to relax knowing that you are in control of the timing and dosage amounts they will need each day.
  1. Use the right tools. Some tools can make the job of reminding the senior to take their medication much easier. One very useful tool is a pill dispenser. They are very inexpensive and contain a pill box for each day of the week. All of the pills required each day can be placed in the each box to ensure the elder gets the correct pills on the correct days. Another handy tool is an electronic tracking system. It will send email alerts to inform you if the senior forgot to take their medication or if there has been a change to their life sign.

Medication is not a choice for older adults, but is necessary to keep their bodies working the way they are supposed to. With these tips, you or a home care aid will have a better knowledge of the elder’s prescriptions and when they should be taken.


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