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Strokes and Elders: Providing Care for a Recovering Parent

Stroke Caregiving Tips

Elderly Care Stamford CT

After an elderly parent has suffered a stroke, you may have numerous questions about caring for them while they recover. Caring for any elder can be difficult, but caring for a stroke victim has its own unique challenges. You will probably want to put all of your energy into providing your loved one with the best care while they recover, but many family caregivers are also caring for themselves. To help you find the right balance between your caregiving responsibilities and your life, these tips will allow you to do just that.

Learn More About Strokes 

In order to understand what the senior is going through, you need to educate yourself on the topic. Knowing more about what physical and emotional changes to expect will leave very little room for surprises down the road. The Internet is filled with reading material to help you learn more about the health condition. Check with your local hospital and senior center to find out if there are any support groups available.

Plan for the Hospital Stay 

Before the bill comes for the hospital visit, get together all documents you may need. Insurance information will especially be needed to determine how much of the cost will be covered. Keep in mind that while your loved one is recovering, their healthcare coverage may change. Keep a close eye on any bills that come in the mail and discuss them with a case manager at the hospital in order to negotiate the out-of-pocket expenses the elder will be responsible for.

Consider Stroke Rehabilitation Services 

To help your loved one recover quicker from a stroke, find out if rehabilitation services are available in your area. These therapy services will gradually teach the senior more skills during each session. Your loved one will need you or another caregiver there for support as long as you are not pushing them too hard. Trying to “motivate” them to do more than they are capable of doing will cause both of you to become frustrated, slowing down or regressing their progress.

Ask for Help 

Do not think you have to do this alone. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities that continue to pile onto your shoulders, ask for help. An experienced elder care provider can take over the caregiving responsibilities for you. With help from both you and this trained professional, the senior will be getting the care and support they need.

Watching an elderly loved one recover from a stroke can be difficult, but these tips will point you down the right path when providing care for them.


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