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How Older Adults Can Improve Their Social Wellness for Their Health

Improving social wellness

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Older adults who live by themselves often feel isolated or depressed as a result of their lack of socialization. Caregivers can help fill this void by providing constant companionship, while also providing help around the home and with transportation. As helpful as these senior care providers are, it is important elders still have their own social circle. This may mean reconnecting with family members and friends they have not spoken to in a while or making new friends. Here are a few ways the elder can create friendships that will last for a lifetime.

  • Pursue a hobby. Whether there is a new skill that the elder has always wanted to learn or they want to continue doing something they have always enjoyed doing, there are plenty of socialization opportunities available. For example, if your loved one enjoys gardening, there are gardening clubs available in most cities. Seniors can also find these clubs through their church, community centers, or senior centers.
  • Volunteer. If they are able to help out in the community, volunteering is a great way to meet others from the area. Not only will the elder be helping their city, but they will get to connect with other volunteers as well.
  • Join a fitness program. Exercising is a great way to get moving with a group of other adults trying to get fit. The program does not have to be high-impact, but simply walking, participating in yoga, or joining an aerobics class are just a few ways to get healthy. As great as exercise is to be healthy, older adults should check with a doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen.
  • Travel. What better way to connect with others than to go on a trip with them. Tour groups allow you to visit a number of destinations in a short amount of time. If the elder is not physically capable of traveling to these distant locations, plan a trip closer to home with a few family members or friends. Having an elder care provider accompany them on their journey will also ensure they are safe during their travels.
  • Get a webcam. Some seniors find it difficult to leave the house for health reasons. Fortunately, in this day and age of technology, people from across the country are able to see each other through a computer screen. The wonderful device that makes this possible is a webcam. Elders will be able to visit their grandchildren, children, and other family members by using a webcam and Skype or other similar applications.

People can make friends at any age, it just takes a little more effort as we age. These ideas will help your loved one grow their social circle.


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