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Top Ten Dangers to the Elderly

In Home Care: Top Ten Dangers to the Elderly and How We Can Help

Whether your loved one is dealing with the daily complications associated with dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, or they are just facing the results of aging, such as poor eyesight and limited mobility, you may be worried about their safety. Even though they are living in their own home, the aging process transforms many everyday tasks into immediate dangers. That’s where we come in. Not only can a professional from Fairfield Family Care provide daily safety calls, our in home care services can also help your loved one with the duties that most often cause injury. Here are just some of the ways we can help keep your loved one safe:

Turn Down Water Temperature – One of the effects of aging is thinning, more sensitive skin. So while the water temperature used to be just fine, now it can cause pretty severe burns in a matter of seconds. Our in home care expert will double check your loved one’s water temperature to make sure it is set at 120 degrees or below.

Perform Kitchen Prep Work – Whether it’s from less-than-perfect eyesight or a mobility issue, cutting up the vegetables and meats necessary for most meals can prove to be very dangerous. With our in home care, all of this kitchen prep work can be completed for your loved one. If desired, we can even cook the entire meal.

Retrieve Items Out of Reach – As the body ages, a simple task that requires ladder usage can quickly become life threatening. From reaching for the book on the top shelf to changing the burnt out light bulb, our in home care professional will do all the climbing necessary to make your loved one’s life as risk-free as possible.

Help with Baths/Showers – It’s no secret that shower stalls are slippery places, and when you combine that with the decline in reaction time and balance often found in aging individuals, it is just a recipe for disaster. Let us help bathe your loved one so they can get clean without having to worry about a broken hip.

Check for Tripping Hazards – Sometimes, simply walking from room to room can prove dangerous thanks to common tripping hazards, such as area rugs and electrical cords. As part of our in home care we can apply carpet tape to the rugs (or completely remove them) and rearrange the furniture so that no electrical cords need to be in the open.

Ensure Proper Medications Are Received – If your loved one relies on their medication for survival, it is imperative that it is taken on time. However, a lack of memory or trouble reading labels often prevents that from happening successfully. But with one of our in home care professionals around you will never have to fret about that again.

Provide Assistance Getting Up Stairs – Climbing up and down a staircase is no easy task once the aging process begins, and trying to do it alone can often result in serious falls. We will assist your loved one as they use the staircase to ensure they arrive to their destination in one piece.

Prevent Fires – Whether it’s from forgetting to turn off the space heater or cooking with long sleeves, fires are surprisingly common in households with people over the age of 65. When you have our in home care service, you can rest easy knowing that we will always make sure any fire hazards are properly taken care of.

Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors – In the rare chance a fire does occur in your loved one’s home, their chances of surviving go up dramatically if their smoke detectors are in prime condition. We will change the batteries and bulbs when necessary, and even install new devices if needed.

Assist in a Medical Emergency – When it comes to a medical emergency, just having someone there is often the difference between life and death. Our in home care professionals will be able to call 911 and perform life-saving techniques while waiting for help to arrive.

When you have Fairfield Family Care’s in home care service on your side, everybody wins: Your loved one will be able to continue living in the comfort of their own home, and you will be able to sleep at night knowing they are safe.

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