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Why Specialized Dementia Care Matters

If you or a loved one live in Fairfield County and are recently diagnosed with dementia, it may be time to find specialized care. Dealing with dementia isn’t always easy. When you work with an experienced caregiver in Greenwich, Stamford, or the surrounding areas to provide dementia care, you will get the care that you deserve. A caregiver who has the necessary training can enhance your skills, keep you as independent as possible, and have the patience to provide empathetic care. Fairfield Family Care has experienced caregivers for those with dementia. 

Why Dementia Care is a Specialty

Many older adults receiving at-home care have some sort of dementia, but that doesn’t mean that all caregivers specialize in dementia care. A typical home care provider in Darien, CT will have the skills to clean, cook, and provide assistance with bathing and grooming. If they aren’t experienced with dementia care, they aren’t going to know how to manage the specific needs of the person they are caring for. Providing basic care is easier, while providing care to one with dementia requires enhanced training. Dementia care is a specialty because caregivers must understand how to work with the individual in a safe, supportive manner.

When Memory Begins to Fade

Forgetfulness is often a first sign of dementia. While minor forgetfulness that doesn’t get worse over time is normal, dementia often presents as a more progressive decline in memory. In the early stages, persons who have dementia know it and get frustrated with their decreased abilities. An experienced caregiver will understand that a decline in cognitive function can produce anxiety, depression, and feelings of being overwhelmed. The caregiver will look for ways to minimize frustration and anxiety by helping when necessary without completely taking over for the individual.

As Dementia Progresses, Care Needs Change

For most people diagnosed with dementia, the disease is progressive. It can take years for the symptoms of dementia to show. While memory is impacted, you may also see changes in behavior or mood. As dementia gets worse, it becomes harder to advocate for your own needs. Communication becomes more difficult with dementia, and a skilled care provider has the necessary experience to understand what the person is trying to communicate. As care needs change, a provider with specialized dementia care training has the ability to adjust care accordingly.

Dementia is Different for Everyone

Each person that experiences dementia is unique in that you don’t know what symptoms will present first or how fast dementia will progress. There are various causes of dementia, and it is not always possible to determine the exact cause. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the basic needs of anyone struggling with dementia. Frustration sets in early, and memory problems are evident. Individuals with dementia need to feel compassion, understanding, and safe with those who are entrusted with their care. The path of dementia is different for everyone, and specialized dementia care makes it easier to manage.

Independence Should be Encouraged

Active adults who hear that they are dealing with dementia are likely to feel as if their independence is being taken away. While certain activities, such as driving, may no longer be possible, independence should always be encouraged. A skilled care provider understands that feeling independent is very important and that the care provided should not be more than what is necessary. An individual with dementia should have his or her own skills supported by a caregiver and not be taken care of completely until it is necessary.

Learning that an individual you love has dementia can be difficult. As you look for opportunities to keep your loved one safe at home, remember that dementia generally goes slowly. There are plenty of options when it comes to at-home care, and you can talk over the current care needs with your loved one. Even simple tasks, such as cooking and laundry help can make a big difference in the stress level of your loved one. While the diagnosis may feel overwhelming, day-to-day life is going to get a little easier for the short term because help is available. With a diagnosis, you can come up with solutions to minimize confusion and keep your loved one safe.

When you have dementia, you can still remain at home successfully with the right care in place. To meet with a dementia care provider in Greenwich, Stamford, or surrounding areas, it’s time to contact Fairfield Family Care at 203-295-3477. We will talk to you about your care needs and match you with an experienced caregiver.