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Caring for Alzheimer’s Disease in Stamford CT

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and mostly affects the elderly. Alzheimer’s is a disorder involving the destruction of nerve cells in the brain. Memory loss and cognitive changes result from this disorder. Alzheimer’s is chronic and progressive, making patient home care necessary at some point.

Understanding the Symptoms

It is important to understand the symptoms, so you can care for an Alzheimer’s patient at home. Symptoms include:

  • Misplacing objects in unusual places

  • Feeling lost or disoriented in familiar places

  • Difficulty performing daily living tasks

  • Forgetting names or entire conversations

Recognizing the Stages

If you are wondering how to help someone with Alzheimer’s, you will need to determine what stage of the disease the patient is experiencing.

  • Early Stage:

    The patient experiences cognitive disruptions, but not physical ones. Family and friends can help care for the patient at home during this stage. However, a part-time caregiver may be necessary if family and friends cannot provide assistance.

  • Middle Stage:

    Symptoms progress to physical disruptions, such as loss of muscle coordination and difficulty performing daily living tasks. Safety becomes a serious issue because the patient can wander off and forget how to return home. Full-time care or around-the-clock, live-in care is necessary at this point. Through caring for an Alzheimer’s patient at home, the caregiver will provide the consistent daily schedule that’s essential for the patient to cope with the disease. Additionally, the caregiver will establish effective ways of communicating with the patient as communication skills decrease.

  • Late Stage:

    An Alzheimer’s patient rarely survives beyond the middle stage. If they do, this last stage requires full-time care because cognitive and physical capabilities have deteriorated. The patient has difficulty swallowing, eating, and breathing. Nursing home care may be required at this stage.

How Can Fairfield Family Care Help?

Caring for Alzheimer’s at home is one of our specialties. We provide personalized, quality care for those who need it most. If you or a loved one in the CT area is experiencing the difficult effects of Alzheimer’s and needs care, allow us to be the caring solution you need. We are determined to ensure our Alzheimer’s care at home meets each patient’s personal needs and delivers the dignity of care they deserve.

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