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Why Gardening Is Good For Senior’s Health

Senior Care New Canaan CT

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Now that the sun is out and the temperature is favorable, many seniors spend a great deal of time in their garden. Not only will this activity keep the senior’s yard looking beautiful, but can also be great for their health.

Gardening can be done by people who are both healthy and have a health condition, including Alzheimer’s disease, mobility problems, people with chronic illnesses, and those who are recovering from surgery. A senior care provider can also help elderly adults with making their garden look spectacular by assisting with the use of tools or techniques that are too difficult or painful for the elder to do alone.

If your loved one is able to, this activity is perfect for keeping them healthy and active. There are a wide range of benefits that seniors can reap from gardening, including the following.

It is a Great Form of Exercise

Walking or aerobics might be impossible due to your elderly parent’s physical limitations, but gardening is an excellent alternative. Gardening is a full body workout that involves plenty of squatting and bending to help strengthen the legs, as well as shoveling for toning the arms. The various movements needed to plant vegetables or flowers can also help increase the elder’s flexibility and mobility. In order to prevent injuries, your loved one should warm up and stretch prior to beginning this activity. During those hot summer days, seniors should also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

It Boosts Brain Power

Gardening will not only increase your loved one’s physical strength, but also their mental health. With all of the organizing and steps needed to plant each flower or vegetable can increase the elder’s ability to perform simple tasks. It can also be used as a form of meditation to help with relaxation. Gardening has become so successful at boosting the memory and thinking abilities of seniors that there is actually a form of therapy that centers around this hobby. It is known as horticultural therapy, which involves a trained therapist to work with patients in achieving treatment goals through gardening.

Can be Used to Socialize with Others

Older adults who live by themselves often find it difficult to socialize with new people. Because making new friends can be scary, many of these people prefer to isolate themselves instead of going out in public and talking to someone new. Gardening can be the perfect icebreaker when meeting new people. Gardening with a group of people makes it much easier to get the job done since everyone is working as a team. Making friends with people who also enjoy this activity has been shown to keep elders psychologically and physically healthy. Encourage your loved one to join a gardening group through a local senior center, community center, or church.

Gardening will not only allow the senior to create something beautiful in their backyard, but it will also give them the physical activity, mental exercises, and socialization needed to live a long, happy, and healthy life.


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