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Senior Care Adventures: Planning a Fun and Safe Day at the Beach with Your Parent

Planning A Day At The Beach With Your Parent

Senior Care Darien CT

Now that the warmer weather of summer has finally returned and everyone is settling into the season you are likely thinking of all of the fun adventures that you could have with your family. June is National Oceans Month, making it the perfect opportunity for you to plan a getaway to the beach with your senior loved one. As with anything else in your care experience with your senior, however, it is important that you take the time to ensure you have prepared properly so that the experience is as fun, exciting, and beneficial as possible while also minimizing the possible dangers.

Use these tips to help you plan a fun and safe day at the beach with your senior parent:

Choose the right beach. If you live close to a beach it is likely that you are already familiar with it, but if you are traveling to spend time at the beach it is important that you make sure you select the right one. Look for a beach that is considered family friendly but that is not a major tourist draw. This will help to reduce the huge crowds that can swarm to beaches during this time of year and create an overwhelming and even dangerous experience for your parent and the rest of your family.

Be familiar with the water conditions. Even if your parent does not intend on going far out into the water, knowing the conditions of the tide is an important part of keeping your family safe when visiting the beach. Know when the tide is high and when it is low, as well as any potentially dangerous circumstances such as rip currents or wildlife infestations. This can help you to determine if the beach that you selected is the right choice and to make decisions regarding when to visit.

Keep sun protection in mind. The sun is at its strongest during the summer months and between mid-morning and mid-afternoon it can be extremely intense. It is important that you prepare for this sunlight and protect your loved one from potential sun damage. This includes wearing adequate sunscreen as well as setting up an umbrella or tent to provide cooling, sun-guarding shade. Remember to bring the sunscreen along with you so that you can reapply it throughout the day, including after your parent gets in the water or after excessive sweating. Keep in mind that sunscreen is vulnerable to high heat so if your tube is allowed to sit in the car for long periods the protective compounds can break down, reducing or even eliminating its protective quality. Consider keeping the tube tucked in the cooler while traveling to guard the protective quality and effectiveness.

Even a quick visit to the beach can seem daunting when you are caring for senior parent. Consider bringing along your parent’s elder care provider to help make the experience safer and less stressful. This elderly health care services provider can help your parent to keep their schedule and routine as intact as is practical, such as bringing them back to the hotel for a rest while the rest of your family stays by the water or reminding them to take their medications when they need to during the day.

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