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Stay Safe at Home by Using Technology for Protection

Technology can make a big difference in the lives of seniors who want to stay safe in their own home. Home care agencies encourage families to consider a number of tools that can help keep a loved one safe while they are home alone. Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, Connecticut offers free needs assessments for potential clients who need in-home care, even if it is as simple as a medication reminder call twice a day.

Caregivers who are overwhelmed with caring for a loved one can get some help from technology. offers a discreet way to check on your loved one. It’s a wireless system that will learn the habits of your loved one, and allows you to check in online. If there is an indication that your loved one isn’t up and about, following their normal routine, you will be notified by email or text message.

Emergency response bracelets are always a great idea for seniors who are at home alone and need senior in home care at times. Bracelets are now designed with comfort and style in mind. Through the touch of a button a senior can call for emergency help if they need it.

The Grande Care system is a way to bring technology into the home of a senior in a way they can use it and understand. The technology works both ways. You can monitor the activities of the senior at home, participate in video calls, send pictures and letters, and overall communicate with your loved one at home. In addition, home care agencies can use the technology to check in with clients. When caregivers enter the home they can check in with family members, and see what’s been going on for the person they are taking care of.

Fairfield Family Care is a home care agency dedicated to improving the lives of our clients. Being educated about the newest technologies available helps us make positive impacts in the homes of seniors who need assistance but aren’t quite ready for an assisted living facility. Social isolation is common for people who do not get out as much as they used to, and staying connected through technology can make all the difference. With the right monitoring in place, you can ensure that your family member is safe throughout the day.

At Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, Connecticut, we are ready to help you find the in-home care services you need by matching you with one of our caregivers who specialize in senior in home care. To learn more about our home care agency, visit our website at or give our office a call today at 203-295-3477 to set up a free initial consultation.