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Introducing the Need for Senior Care: It’s Best to Take the Process Slowly

If you have a loved one who may need dementia care in Stamford or the surrounding areas, it’s important to take the conversation slowly. When you are responsible for the needs of an older person in your life, paying close attention is going to make a big difference. Subtle changes in their ability to be independent can be visible, but only to those who know an individual needing Alzheimer’s care well. Begin the discussion early, but start by building a trusting relationship between you and the individual you are concerned about.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Telling a loved one that a stranger is coming into the home in Greenwich, CT, to provide Parkinson’s care and that they start Monday is no way to introduce care into the home. You have to communicate with your loved one, and the need for care in the home should be introduced lightly. When you have time to talk about future needs, have the conversation with your loved one. While you may need to have dementia care in the home after an illness or injury, it is more likely that a slow and steady decline will facilitate the need for care.

Be Mindful of Your Loved One’s Independence

One of the biggest fears of any individual in Connecticut who may need Alzheimer’s care is the fear of losing independence. Fairfield Family Care understands that your loved one needing Parkinson’s care wants to remain as independent as possible. Talk with your family member and discuss the choices in front of you. Carefully suggest that they may need a little help with laundry or dishes. Maybe meal preparation has been difficult or shopping independently is no longer possible. You can begin the conversation about senior care providers by suggesting that the individual can help with the tasks your loved one finds hard to do alone.

Talk About Care Choices in the Area

Many people are nervous about letting a stranger into their home. This makes complete sense, especially at a time when they are dependent on the help. Encourage your loved one to talk about their fears. Let them know that you will be part of the decision-making process, and you will make sure they are not being taken advantage of. Talk about Fairfield Family Care and the specialized training our care providers receive.

Promote the Idea of Independence From You

While having dementia care in the home may feel intrusive to your loved one, remind them that this is a way to remain independent from family members. You are still going to be around for your loved one, but they won’t have to feel as if they are bothering you if they need a ride or some laundry done. When a care provider takes over the menial tasks in Stamford, Greenwich and the surrounding areas, you can spend more quality time together. Tell your loved one that you are happy to help with their daily needs, but you would prefer spending fun time together.

Ask Your Loved One Their Opinion

If it is early in the decision-making process, whether your loved one needs Parkinson’s care or not, ask what their opinion is. When you are trying to convince a loved one that they need help in the home, ask what their opinion is. Even when you are sure that they need plenty of help, it is best that your loved one feels as if they made the final decision to allow help into the home. Each decision your loved one is allowed to make helps them feel more in control at a time when their health is not in control.

While it isn’t easy to talk about a decline in health, it is important that your loved one gets the services they need. There’s a fine line between independence and needing a senior care provider in Greenwich or Stamford, Connecticut. As your loved one needs more help, it is possible to increase services received from Fairfield Family Care and continue to live safely at home. Without a care provider in place, it can be almost impossible to be home alone without getting injured.

To learn more about senior care options in Greenwich, Stamford and the surrounding areas, it’s time to call (203) 295-3477 and learn more about the services Fairfield Family Care can provide to your loved one. No matter whether your loved one needs Alzheimer’s care, rides to medical appointments or help within the home, we have well-trained care providers who are ready to help.