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Convincing Mom to Try In-home Senior Assisted Living

Why Try In-Home Senior Assisted Living

As your mother ages, it may fall on your shoulders to help with cleaning, medications and doctor’s appointments. When you visit her Connecticut home, you find yourself working instead of enjoying her company. Even though you see the benefits that in-home senior assisted living can bring, your mom may be hesitant. By pointing out all of the positive aspects associated with in-home care, you may help her see that it could make both of your lives a lot easier.

Benefits of In-Home Care in Connecticut

By pointing out these benefits of in-home senior assisted living to your mom, you can help her realize how valuable in-home care can be:

  • Allows for quality time together – If you have to handle the home care tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry, you are missing out on precious time that you could be spending going on walks together, playing games, or even just catching up on life over a cup of tea.
  • Ensures tasks are completed professionally – Whether it’s help with personal hygiene, meal preparation, or medication reminders, our in-home caregivers have the training and education necessary to complete every task with expertise.
  • Provides social interaction – As much as you would love to, it may not be possible for you to be with your mom every day. With our in-home care, your mom can experience the emotional benefits of social interaction every day.
  • Maintains quality of life – The goal of our in-home senior assisted living is to help your mom live the same quality of life she is used to, even if she can’t complete all of the tasks on her own. Our caregivers are there to make sure chores are completed and meals are cooked even if your mom can’t do it herself.

Additional Tips for Approaching In-home Senior Assisted Living

While pointing out the aforementioned benefits is a highly effective way to educate your mom on the helpfulness of in-home care, there are a couple of other tactics you can try:

  • Use the word housekeeper instead of caregiver. Connecticut residents of all ages hire housekeepers to help them accomplish the tasks that need to be completed around the home. Sometimes, just changing this one word is all that your mom needs to oblige because it makes it sound more like a convenience instead of a need.
  • Tell her it is a favor for you. Try making it clear the help is for you, not for her. You can say, “I know you don’t need in-home care, but it would make me feel a lot better when I can’t be here.”

It is never easy to tell your mom that you think she could benefit from in-home care. By approaching the subject gently and keeping these notes with you, we are confident you and your mom can both agree that in-home care will be a positive experience. Call Fairfield Family Care at 203-295-3477 to learn more.