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Specialized Dementia Care Helps Prevent Loneliness

Living with dementia, especially in the early stages can feel very isolating. If you or a family member needs dementia care in CT and surrounding areas, it’s time to set up home care services in CT. Specialized dementia care can help reduce loneliness and improve the quality of life of the individual needing care. With the right support in place, an individual who needs support will feel less alone. When isolation occurs, this can be the start of a physical and emotional decline of the individual if it isn’t dealt with right away.

Keep Your Loved One Safe

Safety matters when an individual living with dementia is still living at home independently. While the symptoms of dementia may be mild, it is still important to have a home health aide to check on your loved one. The ability to cook often gets lost fairly quickly, and a home health aide will help support your loved one in the kitchen. This improves safety while giving your loved one some company at the same time.

Home Care Prevents Loneliness

When there’s a need for Parkinsons care, it can become difficult to mobilize in order to get out and enjoy activities. With a helper in place in Stamford or the surrounding area, activities outside the home can still be enjoyed. When your loved one enjoys trips to the senior center or attends church each week, this can be difficult if they are no longer able to drive. With a specialized dementia care provider in place, your loved one can continue to enjoy the activities that bring meaning to their life.

Face-to-Face Interactions Matter

In-person interactions with others has a big impact on emotional health. For those who only receive phone calls or letters, the isolation can be upsetting. With face-to-face interactions, individuals feel less alone. Nothing can replace a conversation in-person, and many people who need dementia care don’t get enough of this type of contact. This leads to depression and feelings as if one no longer matters. When an individual knows that a care provider is on the way, they are going to look forward to the contact.

Routine Helps Reduce Anxiety

When an individual needs Alzhiemers care in the home, a good routine can help reduce anxiety. Dementia can bring on feelings of fear and anxiety over the smallest of tasks. If a routine is put into place, an individual receiving care is going to worry less. With a care provider in place on a regular basis, it is less stressful for the person who needs assistance. It also helps when the same person continues to provide the care. At Fairfield Family Care, we work hard to provide those who need dementia care with a familiar care provider as much as possible.

Participation in Activities Helps with Depression

Depression can set in when any person spends too much time at home alone. With a parkinsons care, or Alzhiemers care person in place, it is easier to schedule and participate in activities outside the home. When a loved one knows that every Friday they will be going out for an activity, they have something to look forward to. Home care services in Stamford and the surrounding area make it possible for those who are at risk for depression to receive quality care.

Many individuals who live at home alone are struggling with depression, anxiety and loneliness. Mobility becomes an issue, and a loss of friends can inhibit how often a person comes in contact with others. When you have a loved one with early dementia, it is important to keep them safe and promote their independence at the same time. This is done by having a care provider in the home who understands the needs of those with dementia and can foster independence.

With a quality care provider in place, your loved one will feel less alone. They will have a person they can depend on for rides to activities, or help with cooking. Many older adults feel like a burden to family members when they need help. By hiring a home care provider, you will give your family member independence. This provides your loved one with someone to depend on without having to worry about being a burden to family.

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