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Alzheimer’s Care Stamford CT

When you have a loved one who needs Alzheimer’s care in New Canaan, Connecticut, it’s useful to be prepared in the event of an emergency. With Alzheimer’s home care, your loved one will be taken care of by an individual who is skilled at keeping your loved one safe. If the individual providing Alzheimer’s in-home care wants to take your family member out, good preparation is essential. When you work with a caretaker from Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, Connecticut, you will be able to trust that your loved one will be well cared for.

To keep your loved one safe while going out

It’s important that the individual receiving Alzheimer’s in-home care gets the chance to go out and socialize. Whether going to a local senior center or attending a doctor’s appointment, you can protect your loved one by taking a few simple precautions. Each person that may be responsible for caring for your loved one should follow the same protocol in the event of an emergency, and each should have access to important information at all times. If your loved one is in Alzheimer’s assisted living, there may come a time when an aide you hire takes your loved one on an outing.

Prepare a first-aid kit

Your first step is to prepare a first-aid kit that can be used for basic medical care. The kit should include supplies such as antiseptic wipes and bandages for simple cuts and scrapes. In addition, you can keep any emergency medication your loved one may need in the kit so that it’s always in the same place. Make a list of medications your loved one takes, and keep the list in the kit for safekeeping.

Create a binder with important information

You will want to create a list of important phone numbers to contact in the event of an emergency. This can be a simple list and should be included with the first-aid kit so that everything is kept together. This way, anyone working for your loved one will have all the information needed if something happens while the person is out. The binder can also contain medical information or notes on how your loved one has been doing lately.

Provide identifying information on your loved one

A discreet identity bracelet can make a big difference in the safety of your loved one with Alzheimer’s when your loved one is out in the community. If your loved one gets lost, he or she will be easily identified by anyone who finds your loved one and tries to help. To keep your loved one safe, information for caregivers is essential.

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